POSTED: 5/6/16

Packaging is one of the most inspiring forms of creativity which people often forget to pay attention to. From the colour palettes, to the typography and overall graphic design – we are constantly drawing inspiration from the vast array of packaging out there. We’ve pulled a few of our favourites from our mood boards as the moment, inspiring us whether it be for our menu designs, invitations or colour palettes for a table setting. Enjoy! x


POSTED: 26/5/16

To veil or not to veil? That is the question for a lot of brides when deciding on their final touches to their outfit. Whether you’re a traditional bride, or opting for a more casual, modern look – wedding veils have come a long way in the fashion world. From the traditional nod to the long, lacy train; to the haute couture modern take; or retro embellished vibe, we have picked out a few of our favourites to provide some inspo to your day! x


POSTED: 12/5/16

So you’ve sorted out your venue, flowers, guests, dress, and all of the other finer details… but here comes the most important part of the day… you!! It can get pretty overwhelming when it comes to choosing the final touches to your look. Our tip is to work with the style of the dress you have chosen, and choose a look you will be comfortable on the day, that feels like ‘you’. We’ve picked some of our favourite beauty H +M  looks to draw some inspo for all of you future bridey’s out there! x




POSTED: 3/5/16

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we have the perfect inspo to get those DIY creative juices flowing to spoil your Mumma! TAE was lucky enough to be asked to join a number of renowned suppliers to collaborate with the always inspiring LENZO team to create their Mother’s Day Lunch Editorial!

Shot at Peter Rowland’s Gardens House by the talented Hails and Shine photographers, the space was transformed to create a femme, classic meets on trend shoot! With underlying Autumnal tones, tan leather and denim, the shoot infused these key elements into everything from DIY garlands, to leather ottomons, jute rugs and tan chairs- all popping to life with our gorgeous florals, of course! The best way to spend your time in front of your computer at the comfort of your own home is here.

Our talented team at TAE revamped the traditional take on Mother’s Day flowers to create a fresh, lush abundance of pink, purple, earthy tones with rich textures. From our decadent, lush bar table flowers, to the flirty, fresh table arrangements, we have to say this colour palette was everything!

Adding in some renowned mummies on the social scene to bring the shoot to life with their photogenic offspring – including She is Sarah Jane, Styling the Tribe and Zee Plus Three- this shoot was pretty spectacular and we want to buy everything!!

It was a pleasure being a part of this shoot with all of the other amazing suppliers and we hope you enjoy!

For the full LENZO Mother’s Day Editorial, head over to the LENZO x



STYLING Lenzo / PHOTOGRAPHER Hails and Shine / MODELS She is Sarah JaneStyling the Tribe + Zee Plus Three/ VENUE The Garden’s House via Peter Rowland / CATERING Peter Rowland  / FURNITURE Place Settings /  FESTOON LIGHTS Prolight and Sound / FLORIST Tori Allen Events / CHAMPAGNE Veuve Clicquot / CAKE TOPPER + BALLOON TASSLES Little Confetti Love / ROUND BALLOONS Belle Balloons  / LAWN GAMES My Sweet Event / SCRIPT BALLOONS Burnt Butter / SHOES Bared Footwear / JEWELLERY Nicole Fendel / GOLD PERSPEX EARRINGS Merci Perci / CLUTCH The Daily Edited / FLOWER BOX Cartel Flowers / MODELS Carla Rodan from Styling the Tribe, Sarah Jane Young from She is Sarah Jane + Emily Murray from Zee Plus Three / SARAH JANE’S OUTFIT Keepsake the Label / CARLA’S SHORTS + JACKET Thurley /  CARLA’S SHIRT Steele / EMILY’S OUTFIT Jump Clothing / MIA GRACE’S ONESIE Little Hearts / CHILDREN’S CLOTHING Cotton On Kids/ PARTYWARE Ruby Rabbit Partyware / SARAH + EMILY’S MAKEUP Isabella Quinn / SARAH + EMILY’S HAIR Todd Barrett / CARLA’S HAIR + MAKEUP Tahlia Jayde /


POSTED: 12/4/16

Lighting design is a true art form, and as stylists, we don’t underestimate the way a certain lighting fixture can make a space work! From industrial fixtures, hand blown glass, neon signage or porcelain chandeliers, throw a little light in your life on this cold Melbourne day and admire the craftsmanship that we love to draw inspo from! x



Thomas Glassford




Studio WM


Puik Art


John Pomp


Graham and Green


Lambert & Fils




George Singer


Hudson Furniture


PS Lab


Alex de Witte


Gunter Leuchtmann




Tom Dixon


Architecture at Large


Mila Strauss and Marco Paulo Caldeira


Coco Lapine Design


Boris Klimek


Julien Renault


Alex Quisite


Assemblage lamps- Thaddeus Wolfe

16 18 23


POSTED: 15/3/16

We thought it would be nice for our TAE community to get to know our employees a little better and what led them to working for TAE! We’ve delved into the mind of our Head Florist, Zoe, to give you an insight into her passion for floristry, what inspires her as we move into Autumn, and where it all began back in her hometown of London! Get the satisfaction when you need it at this site. Enjoy x


What are your favourite colour palettes for events in Autumn?

As the seasons change and we all get that little bit colder,  it’s funny how nature in Autumn moves into a palette that’s awash with reds, golds, burgundies and rusts – all colours that we generally associate with warmth. It only seems natural then, that we, as florists, lean towards the colour palette that nature provides us. The trick is to look around you and match back to nature’s colours. Be it the pale greys and creams of a cloudy day, or the oily blues and blacks of a path after it rains. If you stick with that routine when styling your wedding, you won’t go wrong.

What flowers are you looking forward to working with in Autumn?

I LOVE Autumn foliage. Some of the leaves take on an appearance of being painted by watercolours. It’s so wondrous, and never ceases to amaze me.  As the leaves fall there becomes the introduction of all the autumn fruits such apples, persimmons, pomegranates, figs and berries. It’s so nice to add these more solid textures into florals. It gives such depth and a sense of scale.

Fruit branches are always pounced upon at market and we are often cooing over other florists’ finds and trying to get some of the same. Along with this, all the normal contenders still make an appearance. The hydrangeas, garden roses, and the last of the dahlias still feature heavily in everyones trollies. But everything seems that much better with a little Autumn hue to it.


What tip would you give brides when deciding on their wedding flowers?

The Wedding Industry is MASSIVE now. Whereas before, there were only a few key places to source inspiration from, nowadays future brides are spoilt for choice. I think it can be a little overwhelming for many couples saturated with ideas as to what to do. It helps to work on it in a methodical manner. Choose a venue first, then choose flowers to suit. If your venue is modern, rustic garden flowers may look slightly out of place. Similarly, if your reception is in a barn or an outdoor garden setting, structured and clean cut arrangements may not suit.

Most couples know before they get married what “feel” they want to go with. The rest should just fall into place.

If you have a favourite flower that you want to use, try and get married in the season that it’s around! If you don’t know, and have the luxury of time on your hands, walk into your local florist around the time of your wedding the year before and take note of what’s around. Talk to your florist. They love sharing all their knowledge… most of the time!

What inspires you / where do you draw inspiration from?

That’s a hard one. A good florist shouldn’t imitate but I acknowledge it’s very hard – especially with Pinterest and Instagram. Of course, I have my fan girl moment of florists here in Melbourne and Overseas…but I always refer back to nature. There are always trends that inevitably are followed, but you tend to find your flow as you grow in floristry and learn to just go with it.

I have been incredibly lucky to work with different companies in the past which are practically the polar opposites of each other in terms of style. Such experience was invaluable in developing my skills. This means I find it fairly easy to transition from one style to another and pull that into the rest of the design.

If you’re working with a clean and open brief, inspiration will always come from, in the end, the flowers. Walking around colours and blooms will inspire and guide you. It sounds cliché but for me it rings true. If I’m given a “go ahead and make what you want moment”, I’ll often take a while just walking around the market and seeing what takes my fancy. Choose a main flower and then choose others to suit it.

Brides who allow you to play with colour and trust you in your experience are always fun as the sky’s the limit… It’s a surprise for both of you as to what is eventually created! This goes back to my previous advice of using the venue as your guide to what sits well in the space. It becomes quite an organic process once you are at the starting point. Wherever that may be.


What attracted you to doing floristry?

When I was little, I had three DREAM careers. To be a Marine Biologist and study whales and dolphins (but only in glamorous and tropical locations and not the green slurry of the Thames in London or the freezing cold waters around the UK). A Model ( again LOL ). And a Florist.

My mother had (and still does have) the most amazing gardens I have ever seen. Whether it was in the suburbs of London where our fish pond was filled to the brim with waterlilies, to the house in the English countryside where it looked like it belonged on a chocolate box painting, to her current home in the foothills of France. She has an incredible talent to make things grow.

Growing up, I remember as the seasons changed, how the flowers evolved in the garden and how Mum would make us look at a leaf closely when it fell, or press a flower in a book to hold onto its beauty. I have memories of often taking a book from the shelf and have crispy petals fall out, or coming across a page where a particularly juicy number didn’t make the pressed flower choice and had ended up rotting. She would tell us that mushroom circles growing in fields were where flower fairies had meetings and that each flower had a fairy to match it. It was quite dreamy for a little girl.

I was always interested in colour and design in school. I loved painting and photography and studied both until my twenties – so always had an eye for composition, texture and detail. Whilst working in a chain of restaurants in London, I began to take note of the floral displays that came in, and often thought ‘Pfft I could do that’. However, it was only after moving to Indonesia to work, that I really began to get my hands dirty.

I began to make flower arrangements for the restaurants I worked for. My Thai boss allowed me to ferry to Singapore and bring back boxes and boxes of flowers through Indonesian Customs for the weekly use. She, like me, LOVED flowers.

We decided that we could market weddings for the venue on the Island and created a photo shoot on the beach with probably the worst bouquet that was ever created. I remember it having roses and baby’s breath, but it was the early “noughties”, so I have forgiven myself.

Upon moving to New Zealand, I decided to take floristry up as a “day off job” from my other job and gradually, floristry became the only job I wanted. When I finally moved to Australia, I walked into a fancy restaurant to apply to for a management position, walked out, and walked straight into a florist to apply for a juniors position.

I was offered both but knew where my heart belonged and decided to pursue floristry full time. I was incredibly lucky and my new boss was so open to taking me onboard as a newbie. She was so talented and inspiring. I watched all of the other florists who worked there like a hawk and would replicate their work (sometimes much to their annoyance). I was a fast learner and my brain was on heavenly saturation mode.

That was 10 years ago. After a few cuts and bruises along the way I still hold myself lucky that I get to be surrounded by such beauty every day and that my only work goal is to make someone else happy with what I create. You never give flowers to make someone cross… that would be a weird trend!


POSTED: 9/2/16

The humble window has transformed into various shapes, sizes and styles over the eras, and can often give away the age of a space. But one thing has stood the test of time – a window’s power to completely transform a space. Opening up a space with natural light, as well as bringing the outside in, is – in our opinion – one of the most valuable and important aspects of a space. Whether it’s a metal industrial frame, a raw wooden window seat box or a roof to ceiling bifold window, we say, let there be light!!! x



POSTED ON: 13/01/16

Happy New Year Everyone! First blog post for 2016 and what better way to bring in the year than with some restaurant interior design inspo! From Paris to Hong Kong, we can’t get over how many amazing spaces there are constantly being created around the world. Creating a space for a restaurant involves so many aspects; the space must be creative, interesting and memorable, whilst also being functional. From refurbished heritage spaces to modern outdoor creations, we are in awe of all of the amazing designers out there…enjoy! x



Cecconi’s, Miami – by Martin Brudnizki


Cecconi’s, Miami – by Martin Brudnizki


Classified, Hong Kong – by Substance


Hueso Restaurant, Mexico – by Cadena + Asociados


Hueso Restaurant, Mexico – by Cadena + Asociados


The Jane, Antwerp- by Piet Boon


The Jane, Antwerp- by Piet Boon


The Jane, Antwerp- by Piet Boon


Le Sinople, Paris – by Charlotte Biltgen


Le Sinople, Paris – by Charlotte Biltgen


Verandah Restaurant, Copenhagen – by Stine Gam + Enrico Fratesi



Verandah Restaurant, Copenhagen – by Stine Gam + Enrico Fratesi


George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen, Nottingham – by Philip Watts Design


Rubber Duckie Taphouse, Manly NSW – by Luchetti Krelle


Rubber Duckie Taphouse, Manly NSW – by Luchetti Krelle


Rubber Duckie Taphouse, Manly NSW – by Luchetti Krelle


Olbryggan Beer Garden, Stockholm Sweden – by Form Us With Love


Olbryggan Beer Garden, Stockholm Sweden – by Form Us With Love


Dogs & Tails Bar and Cafe, Kiev, Ukraine – by Sergey Makhno


Dogs & Tails Bar and Cafe, Kiev, Ukraine – by Sergey Makhno


POSTED: 15/12/15

We decided to give our little laneway a makeover and throw a Christmas party for friends, family and suppliers, TAE style! This was the perfect opportunity (excuse) for us to style an event for ourselves. With hanging festoon lights, mint armchairs and our Summer blooms scattered around adding a pop of colour to the concrete tables, we were pretty happy with the result- if we do say so ourselves! With perfect balmy Summer weather, the night was filled with champagne and Pimm’s, mini bagels and cheese platters, and amazing acoustic tunes by Ed Nunn. Thanks to Tommy Collins for the catering; Dann Event Hire for the furniture; and Technical Events for those festoon lights! Merry Christmas everyone!! x




























POSTED ON: 1/12/15

We invite you to enter the dreamy Nordic inspired LENZO Christmas Party shoot… We were lucky enough to be asked to join the LENZO team to transform the amazing Establishment Studios into a wintery wonderland with a stylish twist! We’re talking white and grey colour palettes; Scandinavian style furniture; Veuve Clicqout mixers and handmade sweet treats; dip dyed pine cones and painted logs; and of course our Nordic inspired greenery chandelier and garlands scattered throughout to bring it all to life. It was a pleasure being a part of this shoot with all of the other amazing suppliers. Our christmas wish list just got a lot longer after seeing all of these amazing featured products…


































Photographer: Jess Nicholls

Venue: The Establishment Studios

Styling/Concept: LENZO

Furniture: Dann Event Hire

Partyware: Illume Partyware

Balloons: Belle Balloons

Alcohol: Veuve Clicquot

Desserts: A.T Bakes; In A World of Cake

Stationary: Love Jk

Trees: One Two Trees

Paint/Acorns: Haymes Paint

Lights: Mini Marquee

Christmas decorations: West Elm

Shoes: Bared Footwear

Candles: Wax Pouring Chicks

Kids Clothing, Shoes and Presents: Pumpkin Patch